I have two tote bags of shirts that don't spark joy. Mostly "women's" sizes XL-1X from various Target lines and Old Navy, or Lane Bryant 14/16 and 18/20. A few "men's" shirts in the same range. Mostly casual/business casual.

I'm willing to part with these items for the cost of shipping, I'll hold onto them until next weekend before donating.

Be mindful that it is hard to find plus sizes at thrift/resale shops, so please only reach out if it's intended for someone who wears this size range.

What do you think Shania Twain is up to today?

"That'll Be the Day" by Buddy Holly is a fucking bop

pop culture trivia to make you feel old 

We can add Base of Skull to the list of joints that pop frequently, how exciting

I decided to celebrate NYE at home so I wouldn't fuck up my sleep schedule too much in anticipation of returning to work tomorrow, then I stayed up until 2 am setting up my bullet journal.

Santa brought me hanging storage for under the kitchen cupboards!

To the health insurance company with the smug "you should take the stairs" ad above the train station escalator:
A. I'm carrying a 40 lb pack on my back
B. You should work your core by sucking my dick

Let's see if this gets a better response on olds.town:

Eartha Kitt

Not to step away from an anti-capitalist framework, but this felt SO GOOD.

Fuck corporations but also thank you Whole Foods Elder Millennials Radio reminding me that "Dead weight" by Beck exists

If you go down to the river
Bet you're gonna find some people who live
If you find dead people
Please call the police
The river murderer is at it again

Whenever I hear Jingle Bell Rock on the radio it makes me think of this


"Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morisette is a good song to have playing when one steps into a Lyft

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