I am very open to thoughts on Stellaris if anybody has them.

I started Kentucky Route Zero recently so maybe I'll pick that up again. I kinda like the feel of the game but I also kinda want it to be in space instead

I spent a bit of time on Twitter recently and I think it was just because I was looking for a fight. Not healthy, really.

Played a bunch of Subnautica the last few days and it's fun but sometimes the resource gathering just feels like work. Maybe it's just because I haven't unlocked the vehicles yet.

I've been hard of hearing for basically my entire life. There was a fungual infection in our apartment under my crib and it infected my ear causing damage to it. So i have to ask my family A LOT to speak up and they think this is like the most outrageous demand a person could ask of them and often they'll just drop whatever subject entirely rather than repeat it again or even say it louder. its so frustrating!!

and its not just my family, lots of people do this! they just are really hostile to the idea that some people are bad at hearing

My brain when people use an acronym to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2

i know in protoceltic lore the morrígan was more.... mother figure/warrior protector than goth reaper queen, but? i like to think she still embraces that aesthetic, even tho it's a modern interpretation

like what is more fundamentally goth, really, than watching over your comrades in battle, embodying three separate personalities, washing bloody clothing in random country brooks at night, and protecting the land?

@commiequeer @Elizafox Englishman living in America: yeah, it's fucked up. Everyone thinks they're middle class. Say "working class" and people will think you mean "WHITE working class," which AFAICT means "Lives in a rural area." The whole concept of class just bounces right off these people and spins them onto a different concept. Say "Hey, someone in the democrats maybe say something about the working class," people think you mean "Racism = solved."

will it make you less 'quoteable' or 'memeable'? maybe. will it make something that might get you less boosts and favourites? maybe.

but if your online interaction is complete insincerity, you're not looking at interacting with people as much as you are looking at trying to market a product. and *being* that product is going to be exhausting. you are more than a product, and you deserve to sincerely connect with other human beings.

i keep hearing how chaotic and reckless it is to boost without faving, but truly ... nothing can stop my incredible power!! my terrifying abilities!! i will boost anything without a single fav! i'll fav without boosting! i'm a monster of online!!

black mirror episode thats an hour of someone trying to plug in their phone charger in the dark.

:drake_dislike: saying yes to things you don’t want to do out of a sense of obligation
:drake_like: saying no to things you don’t want to do and holding your ground when people try to guilt you

@bewitchyourmind ive been listening to c̸͈̈́h̸̞͑ā̶̮p̷̙̽ö̵̥́ ̸̫̐t̴̙̊r̸̲̉a̸̘̔p̶̨͐ ̶̠̓h̸͇̓o̷͎͆u̷͈͂s̸̺͒ě̷̱ and was musing on how the holiday special, a parody of its a wonderful life, instead of angels getting their wings they get cat ears and huge knockers and it's called getting their fursona and tbh its kind of wild that a bunch of old goons (who were known for being kind of a dick about furries back in the day) famous basically for being old goons just casually joke about being furries now

im glad the furries won tbh

Decided to play around on Twitter a bit and earned myself a timeout without really trying. Good to know I still got it!

those men are from mars, women are from mars, women are from mars, women are from mars, women are from mars, women are from mars, women are from venus, and i’m from the dumpster behind 7/11

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