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Alc, bottle check. 

Not really, I'm staying sober for January, and have 22 days.

if activists of color have consistently talked about racism in left political movements i would simply listen to them and do my best to unlearn the latent white supremacy that's been imbued in me by decades of being white in this country.

To give y'all an example of how my morning is going, I just walked right into a subway turnstile. My leg hurts and I was convinced for a few minutes my train was cancelled, until I remembered to actually swipe my metro card.

Everyone wants to talk about harvesting adrenochrome but not harvesting foreskins for slippers.

Happy 2020th birthday, God! I hope someone gives you a new planet to torture, because this one is pretty much used up!

I guess I'm old because I have no idea what's happening in the witcher

Had a lovely time out tonight. Finally got to meet some very good folks I met here. Unfortunately had to bounce early for work in the morning.

The only way I'd end up ashamed of my child's life choices is if they became a cop.

Commuted to Brooklyn for my first day full time out there today. Long trip, but easier than the old drive. But I did accidentally take the wrong train home, and then got two parking tickets. Was a draining day.

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