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I've been eating silica gel packets for years, and today I'm stronger than ever

Leading off my okcupid profile with the impressive facts about me, I transferred my SRA local membership to NYC, and I run a fedi instance. My inbox is barren.

All I'm saying is if I was on the jury for the murder of an oil exec, I'd say it was self defense.

@slipperywerm when I was teaching some of the kids referred to it as “the music we play at cookouts” which is such a cutting insight and also a low key burn

I have now been called an "old man". I am calling the AARP to take care of her for me.

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A coworker referred to wutang as "dad music" the other day, and I've been absolutely furious since.

The best part about the impeachment inquiry is where Rudy is gonna shoot his mouth off about how loyal he is to trump that he wacked Epstein.

Getting ready for my trip to the tropics by stocking up on quinine juul pods

Finally free of work for the week. 115 hours since the last day off. Excited to do fuck all this weekend.

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