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My commute has gotten worse since my company moved to Brooklyn, but this is the worst day yet. I have been sitting in traffic for 2 hours and I still have not made it to the tunnel. Very cool city.

Today is much harder than yesterday. I fear every day is only going to get more difficult.

Food, breakup 

Lol managed to eat a handful of animal crackers and like 4 bites of salad before I got sick to my stomach from seeing her post. Very cool.

Point me to the sky above
I can get there on my own
Walk me to the graveyard
Dig up her bones

My favorite work day activity is laying in bed awake for hours before I have to get moving, and then still being late getting out the door.

Relationship stuff 

Lol this shit sucks. Know it's for the best for her, but fuck

Gonna start referring to hot sauce as wet heat and spices as dry heat.

American idiot, but the song starts out I want to be a branch davidian and only gets worse from there.

Might fuck around and develop a string emotional connection with someone on another continent.

I got a tarot reading today that said I should buy a gun.

Not a shit post.

Join Trekkie69 on stream today and through 11pm Sunday for a charity stream. Donations go to the IWW Northern NJ hardship fund focused on corona relief for fellow workers.

The joker, but he's been doing a lot of homesteading and prepping

Do you want to know how I got these jars?

Ok, remember that baby shark song? Now replace all the lyrics with joker shark and go to town.

Imagining a disaster movie that was accurate and had the protagonist getting harassed by their boss asking when they can make it in for a shift.

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