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Selfie ec 

What if we left work early and called out sick tomorrow... hahaha just kidding... unless 😳

I'm going to request that no one dream about me. It will unleash a great darkness I can not be held responsible for.

Gonna dye my teeth black so I never have to worry about brushing them again

Today I loved out a dream I've had for years, buying a new bed. I wish this was a joke lol

In 2020 I'm going to read more, indulge less, work on my physical and emotional strength, and organize more. Also listen to even weirder music.

Spent my first half hour at work today doing an exercise in driving myself nuts.

I can barely make ends meet, but I also have signed and negotiated purchase contracts for my company worth about $4M.

Capitalism rules.

Everyday there's a few less people at this station, that's usually mobbed. More and more people are working from home I guess.

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Work griping 

It sucks that my job moved to Brooklyn and I'm back to commuting an hour and a half. I'm so damned tired all the time again


I guess I have a partner again. Which is dope, and we're open? So that's the dream I guess.

Had a great weekend with them and stayed offline.

Came back online, saw that two dear friends on twitter are feuding badly. So now I'm back to bad brain. Cool.

Starting a go fund me so I can become a mountain prepper and buy a ton of guns.

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