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My boy was crying to be let on to my lap this morning, and immediately fell asleep.

It's that time of year where I'm 85%+ dry skin. This is what I am now.

I bought a ton of ebooks a little bit ago on sale. Really need to clear my reading backlog and get to them.

family stuff, kids 

All said, I'm very happy for them. They finally have a child that they've wanted for a long time, and they'll do great as parents.

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family stuff, kids 

Lot of weird emotions regarding it. I'm still sorting through them all. Add to this, that my brother was supposed to be in Afghanistan now, but his chain of command, knowing the issues, decided to temporarily reassign him to the rear detachment. So he'll still have to go, but no idea when. Feels shit that he has to go after all this, but that's a selfish feeling and worth examining later I guess.

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family stuff, kids 

Sunday, signs were growing worse, and the medical staff opted for an emergency c-section.

My nephew was born Sunday. He's doing well now, but will be spending a few months in the NICU. Has good vitals, and making progress.

Its weird not being able to be there. My mom flew in from Rwanda. Even though I know there's nothing I can do to help, I feel like I'm somehow failing my family by not being there.

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family stuff, kids 

My brother and sister in law had been trying to get pregnant for a while, but were having difficulty.

They were eventually able to conceive, but had to go the IVF route and take out a significant loan for it.

Sometime mid-october they discovered there was a bulge(?) in the amniotic sack, which led to her immediate admittance to the hospital.

They took a week to stabilize her and the fetus, and eventually took her to the state university medial center.

JNCOs are back. Excited to make a 90s Halloween costume next year, complete with middle parted hair.

Oh, I’ll always be angry. I’ll never be sober.
I’ll never grow old.
And I, I miss my home, sometimes.
But mostly, I don’t. Mostly, I don’t.

I haven't trusted Italians since I learned Italian wedding soup isn't served at Italian weddings.

The more I listen to streetfight, the more I realize Laser was right. I am Bryan.

I would like a pet tortoise, but don't think they'd like to be hugged.

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