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If fashy types really wanted to do a challenging November, they'd make it "no slur November".

I got a new blanket yesterday, and I gotta say I was very warm and comfy last night.

What would be worse for political analogies, Harry Potter or Shakespeare references?

Landed in Dallas. This was far too short a vacation. At least I took tomorrow off to be a bum and play wow

I want to learn how to fly. My old roommate is a commercial flight instructor, I need to hit him up.

i did it, i quit as i was leaving my shift tonight. just "hey, i'm not gonna make it to my shift tomorrow... or any other shift. i quit, sorry." and walked out.

SO, i have a lot more time for commissions!!!!!!! hit me up if you're interested

Printed the PDF for the beta version of The Spy Game today. I'm reading through the rules, and trying to figure out how I'd run a campaign of this.

Gonna move to nowhere Texas, grow shrooms, and run bootleg booze.

And they said, ‘We will never get out, we will die in the darkness.
Close your eyes. Pretend that you’re somewhere you’re not.’

Oh, I’ll always be angry. I’ll never be sober.
I’ll never grow old.
And I, I miss my home, sometimes.
But mostly, I don’t. Mostly, I don’t.

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