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I stubbed my toe pretty good last night. Still hurts. Hell yeah.

Work subtoot? 

I've been hallucinating from sleep deprivation for three days now, but I'm sure things are tough for you too.

Me when the boss says we need to get the project done without any more overtime

Cool, I'm at the sleep deprivation and stress level where I just start screaming about shit. 10 days and 85 hours in.

It's a bad idea for me to buy a new bow with my overtime winnings, right?

I'm like 63 hours into this work week and my boss just realized how much he's gonna have to pay me lol

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Picked up a new hobby at work, absolutely screaming into my hands while machines are running to muffle my anger.

One of those before, during, after photoshoots of soldiers on a deployment, but me and my two 70 hour work weeks.

I've been very absent of late. My shitiness has been more appropriate for other platforms. Work sucks shit (worked 50ish hours so far this week). Been coping poorly. Love y'all.

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