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[BOT POST] subtooting an entire ideology 

Benjamin Franklin wasn't allowed to be president because he was a gamer.

"You can either respect nature or return to it" is such a powerful threatening quote and it's from fuckin Dragonball

Disrupting my d&d game by playing pony by ginuwine again (not a joke)

Fuck up that Amazon didn't call me to play Bayle Domon in Wheel of Time. I'm big, have a large beard, and speak in a way that's barely intelligible most of the time. I'm perfect.

911 work 

Don't let Big Soft Drink fool you, Italian soda is just Italian dressing that's been run through a soda stream

Going on shark tank, hoping to secure funding for my small batch artisanal memery

I had the weirdest dream the milo yianopolis was coming after me hard online and making my like difficult. I need to get offline for a few days.


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