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[BOT POST] subtooting an entire ideology 

left unity is dividing the left

Benjamin Franklin wasn't allowed to be president because he was a gamer.

"You can either respect nature or return to it" is such a powerful threatening quote and it's from fuckin Dragonball

Disrupting my d&d game by playing pony by ginuwine again (not a joke)

Fuck up that Amazon didn't call me to play Bayle Domon in Wheel of Time. I'm big, have a large beard, and speak in a way that's barely intelligible most of the time. I'm perfect.

911 work 

My coworker set up today's roasting log like this, and I'm pretty sure he's admitting to involvement

Don't let Big Soft Drink fool you, Italian soda is just Italian dressing that's been run through a soda stream

Going on shark tank, hoping to secure funding for my small batch artisanal memery

I had the weirdest dream the milo yianopolis was coming after me hard online and making my like difficult. I need to get offline for a few days.


Checking the surf report for where I used to live in Florida, and holy shit. Be safe.

Last Hurricane I surfed was 09 or 10. And that was scary at 9ft. This is gonna be bad bad bad. For comparison, outside of hurricanes, this area usually gets like 2-4 this time of year.

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