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cursed taxidermy 

Lol I had a dream last night that I bumped into an old crush and I managed to absolutely embarrass myself.


Maybe property tax isn't the best way to fund arguably our most important public institution...

The new Italian coffee joint in my neighborhood is nice, but the Alfredo as creamer is a bit weird.

hot take, unions 

going to the doctor for my itchy ass and being prescribed soap is why medicine is a scam and I chug essential oils

@slipperywerm Should've known what you were signing up for when you joined a truck fucking hobbyist group

God fucking damn it. In a hobby group chat, someone linked and dedicated the Two Trucks song to me. This is life imitating posting.

Every gamer over 30 still gets heated talking about the 16-bit console wars and it's low key one of the most damning things about us.

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