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thoughts on the FOSS community at large 

If anyone works in NYC, or knows someone who works in NYC in tech and is hiring please hit me up πŸ‘

Please boost.

I’m about to go on doomsday preppers

Starting to worry my 2 hour old dream of owning a cursed theme park may not happen...

my goal on the internet is to make people shake their heads in umbrage and THAT'S what this username is about

Lol dude who gave up his life and spends 25+ hours a week to prep was told that he's basically trash at it. He wasn't so happy.

I'm gonna go on the prepper show, and when they ask what my plan is, I'll just explain that I'm going to become a highwayman and riever.

Guns, prepper show 

This whole episode is just operator larping. These folks are absolutely gonna turn into a christofascist militia.

Oh geesus, dude spends 25 hours plus a week doing his prepping.

His wife is extremely sad and just wants to go on a family vacation.

I feel so bad for her.

Lol holy moly. Dude sold everything to buy an empty plot of land. Now is broke so has to rent a house somewhere else.

The plan is to build a "pole shift proof" house. Which is uh something.

Ah, it's try out day for the prep club. The new recruit is worried polar shifts will happen and something about causing sea levels to drown Florida. Ok.

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