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Yeah my cat has FOMO


Every driving instructor has absolutely sent a corrections email to a podcast

Having a 10 minute walk to work is amazing. I feel so much better this morning.

I forgot that it was alternate side parking and ended up driving though. Probably just gonna leave my car in the lot at work till I need to go grocery shopping or drive back to PA on weekends.

I have moved everything I'm going to. I'm now sitting at my desk and want to sleep for a month.

Almost done moving. Car is loaded up and I'm heading to the new apartment. Have to drop my cats off, and then get into work.

I feel really bad for my cat, because he just keeps crying in the backseat. And it makes me pretty sad that I have to leave him all by himself in a strange place my shift

Lol too tired. Sleeping here at the new place. Round trip after a few hours sleep.



Moving venting 

anti-racism activists across the country are being targeted by local police and fbi for standing up to white supremacy. homes are being raided, warrants are being issued for social media accounts, and people are being arrested without cause.

recently, several activists in the southeast were targeted. access to their fb accounts, google, and all connected accounts were given to law enforcement and fbi.

bail needed: $750
attorney fees: $4,250

This apartment complex has real divorced dad energy. There were so many guys hand washing their modlife crisis mobiles in the parking lot today.

You never know exactly how much shit you have until it's time to move. I have donated and thrown out so much junk, and I'm still going to have to call out tomorrow to get everything done.

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