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Dad stuff 1/? 

This extremely loud rattling in the walls is good and in no way will fuck up my sleep.

This apartment can go fuck itself.

I have no idea what half the Youngs slang means, but I'm decent at context clues.

MH + 

Old people while facebook and instagram is down: why isn’t the internet working, you’re sending too many texts

Selfie, no ec 

there is no hyperbole big enough to express how much i hate these series of words adminning 

how is it even physically possible for a person's voice to actually *sound* like a spreadsheet??? modern science can't explain that.

there's gonna be a whole bunch of 60 year olds one day that are nostalgic about Fortnite

what should i name my audio codec *throws darts at alphabet* o...g...g...v...o...r...b...i...s........

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