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Son (age 4) ran up to my partner tonight and shouted "I adore you!" so I feel like we're doing okay as parents

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I'm just a regular punk, I didn't take any cool prestige class at level 10.

so apparently yall didnt hear about the brand new GAMER DRESS to EMPOWER WOMEN made BY MEN and NO WOMEN

I'm just a regular punk, I didn't take any cool prestige class at level 10.

hey y'all in the interest of instance admin transparency, i have an announcement to make... Show more

I've got a trip to the beach planned with some friends this summer. Like a true old I'm already thinking about the seafood I'll get there.

@slipperywerm by alchemically fusing my privilege with toxic irony, i become completely invulnerable to physical and emotional damage!

Plz hire me Mr FBI. I'll be a good irony fash bootlicker.

if you had a wand with sufficient magic for this hypothetical, and waved it to abolish all police departments and bureaus across America tomorrow, the rich would simply employee all those out of work cops as their personal property defense force with even less constraint and oversight.

it would stop being city police citing to ordinances and statutes and just be meatheads employed directly by rich white neighborhood associations to harass, detain, or harm you without even giving lip service to public good.

this is NOT a defense of modern policing. this IS a statement that in the absence of a plan, any vacuum in the modern world is occupied most rapidly and fully by the interests of the monied minority.

Central NJ pickup truck culture is something else. Let's all take our immaculate and never used jacked up trucks, and hang out in a wawa parking lot.


OldTown Admin Admits to Working with Cops
News at 11

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