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Recounting some toots I saw between Laser and Dirt and realizing how much those sound like American Gladiator names πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Up too late attending a holiday party. Good night olds! Hope I don't regret this in the morning.

I would not kill my clone, but keep the around for the organs I will soon need.

being instance blocked by for telling them to go watch i love lucy and eat werthers originals or whatever people over the age of 35 do

PSA: I am not a "hon", I am not a "honey", I am not a "sweetheart", I am not whatever other infantile sexist buzzwords you have the "wit" to come up with, and if you bring your insufferable condescending bullshit to my backyard i'm gonna turn the fucking hose on you.

enough to have knee problems
enough to never have seen a real raise in wages for working people despite three decades of constant increase in productivity

Goofing around w/ instance features - I’ve never seen a set of emojis with this much raw power :gritty_jh: :guillotine: :bisexuburg: :100_gay: :ancomheart: :antifa: :wutang:

I have a co-worker who basically narrates everything she's doing to the entire office. Please don't do this. I just want to have lunch in peace.

Selfie, EC 

@garfiald Turns out garfield is extremely good-looking

@Louisa my brother is doing some last-minute shopping for his wife, and figured you'd like the shirt he decided on.

Thanks to to going tits up like a week in for inspiring me to do this

pullin up to Altamont in my flaming hot rod brandishing a book of aphorisms sure hope they take me serious

old enough to have participated in a Family E-Mail Account

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