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Relationship + 

I dunno. I'm cautiously hopefully. We're both hurting, but hopefully we can get it back

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Relationship + 

We talked a bit today. I feel a lot better than yesterday. I'm hoping we're moving in the right direction.

I miss her so much and wish we could talk. I miss my best friend.

Alc, gender 

Ended up coming out as nb to my bff's fiance after driving half a case. Very cool.

Alc, mh, breakup 

Ok, so much for doing this sober. Just drank 12 beers

Alc, violence? 

All night I've been thinking about how I miss drinking at my old work site, because we used to be able to throw bottles against a shed in the back. I really want to throw a bottle against a shed right now.

I've listened to five tiger army albums today, so I'm doing very well.

My mood is tiger army forever. In unrelated news, I should be getting a new to me guitar tomorrow

@Laser north jersey driving is a nightmare. Just the absolute worst. Been commuting from north jersey to Brooklyn and it's easily stolen a decade from my life.

Selfie ec alc 

@bearphomet aw thank you! 🖤 I feel like trash these days and that helps

Selfie ec alc 

@bearphomet thank you! I'm still kinda regretting how much I chopped off

Watching TV with commercials for the first time in ages and it's so jarring.

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