Alc, bottle check. 

Alc, bottle check. 

if activists of color have consistently talked about racism in left political movements i would simply listen to them and do my best to unlearn the latent white supremacy that's been imbued in me by decades of being white in this country.

@bryn hey Bryn! Hope you've been well. Ty so much, work and life have just been overwhelming and I needed to retreat a bit.

To give y'all an example of how my morning is going, I just walked right into a subway turnstile. My leg hurts and I was convinced for a few minutes my train was cancelled, until I remembered to actually swipe my metro card.

Everyone wants to talk about harvesting adrenochrome but not harvesting foreskins for slippers.

@erosdiscordia aw thanks Ero! I miss fedi for sure, I need to make an effort to pop in waaaay more often. How've you been?

@erosdiscordia ugh work is trying to assassinate me again. But overall I'm doing well, just so damned busy. Hope you're happy and healthy in this new year

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