Work and not. 

@swirlz thanks Al! I'm really relieved, but it's gonna be a tough couple weeks.

Work and not. 

Unfortunately lost my job Wednesday. I should be ok, but if you have an Amazon prime account, you can subscribe and help me out I'd be appreciative! Streaming is going to be my primary income for the foreseeable future.

Earlier today, I couldn't think of the word for chivalry, and referred to it as limey Bushido.

Here is a free idea for a couples Halloween costume. Texas Red, and The Arizona Ranger that's come to do some business with the big iron on his hip.

Donald Trump just called me and asked about my bowel movements, which is kind of weird and creepy.

Showing up to every first date after quarantine wearing this shirt, and never getting to minute two

Selfie ec 

@swirlz I'm not sure what that means, but thank you Al!

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