Gonna start referring to hot sauce as wet heat and spices as dry heat.

American idiot, but the song starts out I want to be a branch davidian and only gets worse from there.

Might fuck around and develop a string emotional connection with someone on another continent.

@swirlz heya Al! I'm doing much better. I've been able to get back to work. Hope you're good too. Are you still able to work?

I got a tarot reading today that said I should buy a gun.

Not a shit post.

@starwall I'm here and there. I occasionally pop back in to gift a mufo with a bunch of faves and disappear back into the nether of working too much.

Join Trekkie69 on stream today and through 11pm Sunday for a charity stream. Donations go to the IWW Northern NJ hardship fund focused on corona relief for fellow workers.


The joker, but he's been doing a lot of homesteading and prepping

Do you want to know how I got these jars?

Ok, remember that baby shark song? Now replace all the lyrics with joker shark and go to town.

Imagining a disaster movie that was accurate and had the protagonist getting harassed by their boss asking when they can make it in for a shift.

@triz maybe. Info t have insurance or a PCP, so I'm in a weird and crappy spot.

Ooh that's a great idea. I bought some ok reusable masks, and they really need that nose piece to help.

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