Shotgunning an entire jar of peanut butter to show I'm still cool and can party.

@SarahKite I can't say for certain, but this account is giving me a very bad feeling. Going with my gut, but willing to hear them out if there's an innocuous reason for the new account/block evasion. moderation Show more moderation Show more

If they're not old enough to remember Freedom Fries, they're too young for

i'm not ageist, some of my best friends are from

Real 30 year old boomers have a favorite brand of bottled water.

woah looks like i made some bad pleroma takes last time i was here. boy i was mad and said some stupid shit. anyway is it safe to keep drinking sugar free monster after farting dust

@healyn me too! I come here to throw shade at Youngs, and block bad instances

I applied for an invite to the boomer instance and they said, "you're close but not ready yet kid. come back when your beard sucks"

today's mood: listening to Grandpa Simpson saying "I'm afraid of the future!" on repeat inside my head

@anna @citrustwee as chairman of The Olds, I'll allow it, because Anna is also an Old.

It’s just what happens as you get older. You wanna settle down. Start your own instance. See the lay of the land without fear of mod or admin. Just your own domain. Free from instance drama.

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