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my friend would always say she β€œbrowned out” when talking about getting super drunk but not blackout, but for the longest time i thought that it meant she was just continuously getting drunk and shitting herself at parties

Gonna make a mint producing β€œCoal Miner’s Widow πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€ bumper stickers

if not for unions we wouldn't have a vampire weekend

My hobbies include clicking through on the weird Amazon ads and trying to figure out what the hell that product is supposed to do.

Warhammer posting 

Oh, you're anti-pc? I also think cops are full of shit and manufacturer probable cause.

My goal is to create the largest resource for homeopathic care in North America. I'm thinking of calling it, Big Naturals.

another instance to block / screenshot with slurs in it 

gamers, white supremacy among, the prevalence of 

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