New Jersey 

The only way I'd end up ashamed of my child's life choices is if they became a cop.

Commuted to Brooklyn for my first day full time out there today. Long trip, but easier than the old drive. But I did accidentally take the wrong train home, and then got two parking tickets. Was a draining day.

Doing the Papa John challenge (eating over 40 pizzas in 30 days)

Wish I hadn't deleted a thousand old accounts. Trying to find a picture I uploaded ages ago so I can win an argument with my mom.

@ritualnoise its ok, we're still getting over that programming over twenty years later

In retrospect, the macarena coincided with both the peak of the American empire, and peak American cringe. I will not elaborate.

@kiki_d my slippers died recently, so I bought new ones about a month back. These new ones are already falling apart. I'm big mad over it.

@ItsJenNotGabby Jen! I get to revive a year old terrible bit because trucks are topical. I'd be letting y'all down if I didn't.

its called "cyber truck" because you can fuck it electronically

Tesla, that twat Elon 

Gonna make a ten hour super cut compilation of tech launch failures and upload it to porn hub

I would not fuck the musk truck. I will not be taking further questions.

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