@starwall I'm here and there. I occasionally pop back in to gift a mufo with a bunch of faves and disappear back into the nether of working too much.

Join Trekkie69 on stream today and through 11pm Sunday for a charity stream. Donations go to the IWW Northern NJ hardship fund focused on corona relief for fellow workers.


The joker, but he's been doing a lot of homesteading and prepping

Do you want to know how I got these jars?

Ok, remember that baby shark song? Now replace all the lyrics with joker shark and go to town.

Imagining a disaster movie that was accurate and had the protagonist getting harassed by their boss asking when they can make it in for a shift.

@triz maybe. Info t have insurance or a PCP, so I'm in a weird and crappy spot.

Ooh that's a great idea. I bought some ok reusable masks, and they really need that nose piece to help.

Lol literally sucking wind after walking from the bathroom to the couch. And they want me back in the factory...

@triz like these?

Holding up ok. Exhausted and got some labored breathing still. The miserable symptoms have passed. Work is begging me to come back in, but I'm a bit nervous to do so tbh

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If anyone tells you they understand how time works, they're a liar.

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