Showing up to every first date after quarantine wearing this shirt, and never getting to minute two

Selfie ec 

Had a bad coughing fit today, and burst a blood vessel in my face. Didn't show up well in the pictures, but it looks sorta cool

Join Trekkie69 on stream today and through 11pm Sunday for a charity stream. Donations go to the IWW Northern NJ hardship fund focused on corona relief for fellow workers.

Corona posting 

Just got a delivery of two rolls of toilet paper from a union sibling I've met once before. This is what mutual aid looks like. I'm trapped inside and a Fellow Worker came out and helped.

I've been trapped inside for about a week. Have 10 days left on my quarantine, and this act of kindness from a relative stranger was incredible.

Solidarity forever

Selfie ec 

What if we left work early and called out sick tomorrow... hahaha just kidding... unless 😳


I know this dumpling sauce is just mayo and sriacha, but it's so good.

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