wait wasn't someone #onhere in the coffee roasting business

@ItsJenNotGabby there we go! i don't wanna bug him while he's quarantined though

@slipperywerm oh i was gonna ask you where to get those coffee bag ties but i found them on the internet. how you holding up?

@triz like these?

Holding up ok. Exhausted and got some labored breathing still. The miserable symptoms have passed. Work is begging me to come back in, but I'm a bit nervous to do so tbh

@slipperywerm oof, is there any way you can check in with a doc before going back?

and yeah, those are the ones. i've got way more than i need coming in tuesday but if you know anyone sewing masks near you, they're great for the nose piece


@triz maybe. Info t have insurance or a PCP, so I'm in a weird and crappy spot.

Ooh that's a great idea. I bought some ok reusable masks, and they really need that nose piece to help.

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