A coworker referred to wutang as "dad music" the other day, and I've been absolutely furious since.

I have now been called an "old man". I am calling the AARP to take care of her for me.

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@slipperywerm I mean Slayer has been dad rock for some years now and I just realised recently I'm now personally contributing to Arch Enemy and Kreator becoming such


I think your coworker needs to be locked in a slowly filling cistern for a week or so or until they remove their head from their ass.. which ever is longer

cause I mean it really sounds like your in danger of hearing them say other horrible things like 'supertramps actually pretty good' or 'hey check out this awesome Christopher cross song I found the other day!' and you just don't need that kind of grief in your life

@slipperywerm when I was teaching some of the kids referred to it as “the music we play at cookouts” which is such a cutting insight and also a low key burn

@LuigiEsq @slipperywerm Cookout music isn't necessarily a slight, though. Murder She Wrote, Bam Bam, and Return of the Mack were all cookout songs in my childhood and all are bops

@steviemcfly @slipperywerm very true, but a lot of dad rock also rules. feel like it doesn’t sting any less for the older folks to realize their music is now dad rock/cookout music lol

@slipperywerm @LuigiEsq @steviemcfly Wu Tang is for the children, they teach the children. What other group does this?

@LuigiEsq @slipperywerm Fair. I will, say, though, that I've seen more kids today that aren't super into a specific genre getting into older music than I used to see. Like my nieces like a bunch of '70s/'80s/'90s stuff on top of the current things, but I remember when my cousin was in his late teens or early twenties he said Wu Tang was too old for him to listen to (an opinion which has since changed, but)

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