@slipperywerm that's a good question.

I always had a sense that the moral solution laid, like, as far left as I could imagine, but for a long time my imagination just didn't go very far. like, material analysis caught fire with me immediately because it always seemed obvious to me that people have to *eat*, be clothed, be cared for, and be safe and that something was seriously wrong with any system that failed to ensure that.

I have to say that splitting my online life between rad-liberal Tumblr on the one hand and the hardcore fascists, racists, misogynists etc. on rapidly-radicalizing 4chan as that crowd developed into what we now call the alt-right, gave me a definite spin towards leftism-as-such because it was just so obvious that the radlibs didn't HAVE any useful response to the rising reactionary movement.

but I was also being gay among gays/left-leaning teens in high school, and then that intensified in college. my brother definitely helped, being a Marxist himself.

@byttyrs that's really awesome that you had family to help guide you through that. Also very glad you were able to break away from the chan bullshit!

@slipperywerm yeah, I dunno! I dunno why other people went righter and I went lefter except I spent the whole time I was there yelling at people


@byttyrs I can't really explain how the split broke down. I was on 4chan in the nid aughts, went to military college, and became some sort of anarcho commie. Probably just boils down to something inside of us?

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