@slipperywerm two stages. About 13 years ago when I decided that thinking most people were shit was predestining them to being shit to me and about 11 years ago when I realized that the democratic party as it was was never gonna fix anything to a degree worth writing home about


@SanfordianPhil hell yeah Phil. I am in agreement that there needs to be a new party to go after any hope of fixing things via electoralism

Ehhhh, politics 

@slipperywerm I think now it's possible and probably easier overall to make the party take a hard left into at least social democratic territory. But it requires alot of people getting involved at the local level which itself is a huge undertaking. But we'll see

Ehhhh, politics 

@SanfordianPhil i have no idea. Pretty sure the right wing of the Democratic party will try and blow everything up rather than give us a dime or a right to live with dignity.

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