I'll go first. Heard Die for your Government, by antiflag when I was 12 or so, and it's all been down hill from there.

This was way more popular that I anticipated. It's given me a lot to think on, and I will probably be submitting an essay on my own radicalization to a zine soon. Thanks y'all.

@slipperywerm Very cool of you! If you publish it, let us know how to get the zine?

@slipperywerm Iraqi invasion. It really had an affect. The second one likely lead more to nihilism

@slipperywerm my father was a reservist in the Navy and when they started calling up reservist for the war I was worried especially as the news was full of how it could be so bloody (it was just not on the USA/allied side) and I couldn't understand why my father should die for this (wasn't called up in the end).

@slipperywerm going to teacher's strike/ school budget cut protests when I was in middle school.
Then, The Spartacist League when I was 17. (I grew out of that one, thankfully)

@slipperywerm eh. I haven't been "active" in a while tho. Mostly just trying to evolve/inform my family's political views. That probably counts for something tho

@gattogateaux still, it creates a good backdrop for your awareness of issues that so many lack

@slipperywerm 1992, age 13: my school district considered switching to year-round school. Kids at my middle school staged a walkout and got the media to show up. We were threatened with suspension if we didn't go back inside. Plenty of us stayed outside and got suspended. And kept sitting there, talking to local reporters. And the world went on.

For whatever reason, the district didn't change the school year. I learned authorities can be made to blink.

@slipperywerm It wasn't so much that the issue was dire. It's that I learned what "calling someone's bluff" meant. It was like learning magic.

@slipperywerm And also, Mastodon, last fall.

You all finally convinced me that 10 years of poverty weren't my fault. I will never be able to put into words what that's done for my life. :ancomheart: :anarchy: 馃挏

@slipperywerm Thanks, friend. That was a lesson a long time coming. And I had to get rid of my own judgment of poor people first.

@slipperywerm Still working on it.

Insecure-middle-class upbringing is basically heavy vaccination against class consciousness.

@slipperywerm JP Morgan gave the NYPD a cash infusion right before they busted up zucotti park. didnt take long for me to figure it out from there

Government unpleasantness 

@drwho @slipperywerm That is nightmarish. Tracked classes are one thing, but I'd never heard of that program. That surely mass-traumatized a bunch of children.

This is the kind of shit where 50 years down the road, people sue and get compensation. It was a government-instigated social experiment on kids. Shit.

@drwho @slipperywerm So sorry you had to deal with all that. It sounds monstrous. 馃槥

Freedom of any kind at that age is so crucial to being able to withstand the world later.

Hope you're hanging in there now.

@slipperywerm i think the very first seed was during Operation Desert Storm when i learned what a war was, and my parents told me that we could do nothing about it. That inner Fuck You still resonates very distinctly in me.

But then, to answer your answer more literally: Here and now, and forever.

@tethre hell yeah, I definitely lacked an understanding of how terrible war was back then. I was a dumb kid tricked by f(l)ashy media.

@slipperywerm it's been a long time, so i don't remember exactly how it happened. i started realizing things were bullshit in my mid-teens and the themes and messages from left-aligned bands like KMFDM, Rammstein, System of a Down, and Rage Against the Machine spurred me into actually looking further into that kind of thing and it just snowballed from there. By 16 or 17, I was identifying as a communist, and not to be edgy or ironic.

@slipperywerm actually, sociology class when i was 16 had us read fast food nation by eric schlosser and that had an impact as well, since it goes pretty heavily into the socioeconomic mechanisms at work behind the fast food industry and everything it touches and that was pretty eye-opening.

@extinct the music and books thing really echoes my personal experiences with radical politics!

@slipperywerm 1993, listening to Bill Clinton blame outrageously expensive healthcare on insurance companies...and then in almost the same breath he proposed giving everyone private health insurance, in effect subsidizing the very scumbags he just got done excoriating. That was a major political turning point for me.
Full disclosure, as a teenager in the late 80's I was conservative, even to the point of listening to Limbaugh. I'm not proud of it, but it happened.

@kmckaig we all grow and change. Neoliberalism is fucked and I'm glad it was your spark.

@slipperywerm two stages. About 13 years ago when I decided that thinking most people were shit was predestining them to being shit to me and about 11 years ago when I realized that the democratic party as it was was never gonna fix anything to a degree worth writing home about

@SanfordianPhil hell yeah Phil. I am in agreement that there needs to be a new party to go after any hope of fixing things via electoralism

Ehhhh, politics 

@slipperywerm I think now it's possible and probably easier overall to make the party take a hard left into at least social democratic territory. But it requires alot of people getting involved at the local level which itself is a huge undertaking. But we'll see

Ehhhh, politics 

@SanfordianPhil i have no idea. Pretty sure the right wing of the Democratic party will try and blow everything up rather than give us a dime or a right to live with dignity.

@slipperywerm that's a good question.

I always had a sense that the moral solution laid, like, as far left as I could imagine, but for a long time my imagination just didn't go very far. like, material analysis caught fire with me immediately because it always seemed obvious to me that people have to *eat*, be clothed, be cared for, and be safe and that something was seriously wrong with any system that failed to ensure that.

I have to say that splitting my online life between rad-liberal Tumblr on the one hand and the hardcore fascists, racists, misogynists etc. on rapidly-radicalizing 4chan as that crowd developed into what we now call the alt-right, gave me a definite spin towards leftism-as-such because it was just so obvious that the radlibs didn't HAVE any useful response to the rising reactionary movement.

but I was also being gay among gays/left-leaning teens in high school, and then that intensified in college. my brother definitely helped, being a Marxist himself.

@byttyrs that's really awesome that you had family to help guide you through that. Also very glad you were able to break away from the chan bullshit!

@slipperywerm yeah, I dunno! I dunno why other people went righter and I went lefter except I spent the whole time I was there yelling at people

@byttyrs I can't really explain how the split broke down. I was on 4chan in the nid aughts, went to military college, and became some sort of anarcho commie. Probably just boils down to something inside of us?

@slipperywerm when i learned you had to pay for getting medical help, i was in the end of elementary school when my parents taught me that

@slipperywerm '07, my history teacher detailed Operation Ajax, AKA the British coup d'etat in Iran back in 1953.

@slipperywerm i transitioned and found out a load of the nice liberal people i thought would be ok were in fact secretly nasty bigoted scumbags

@slipperywerm ehh, finding it out led me to become who i am today. and i like who i am today.

@slipperywerm 2016 as corny as it sounds at this point. a meme account on tumblr changed into an antifa account overnight and I had some shitty jobs that pushed me to look into more radical stuff than rainbow capitalism and the like. So I followed a bunch of leftist accounts and started reading on my own.

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