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Ok, I've set up a patreon for

Don't feel any obligation to pay. It's here if you'd like to tip a buck or whatever.

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Hoping to keep to a smaller space for now. Just be nice and pleasant to each other. Also, don't be a young.

The only way I'd end up ashamed of my child's life choices is if they became a cop.

Commuted to Brooklyn for my first day full time out there today. Long trip, but easier than the old drive. But I did accidentally take the wrong train home, and then got two parking tickets. Was a draining day.

Doing the Papa John challenge (eating over 40 pizzas in 30 days)

Wish I hadn't deleted a thousand old accounts. Trying to find a picture I uploaded ages ago so I can win an argument with my mom.

In retrospect, the macarena coincided with both the peak of the American empire, and peak American cringe. I will not elaborate.

its called "cyber truck" because you can fuck it electronically

Tesla, that twat Elon 

Gonna make a ten hour super cut compilation of tech launch failures and upload it to porn hub

I would not fuck the musk truck. I will not be taking further questions.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna low-key buy up a ton of debt and forgive it.

Ok, what if the libs decided to do a slashfic rewrite of Harry Potter with Barack Obama as the hero. 

How much prep work do you think the biden campaign had to do to not have him call cannabis jazz cigarettes?

Wretched horrible body mod idea (DO NOT DO THIS OR CLICK) 

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