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Banning users from if they know what homestuck is.

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Ok, I've set up a patreon for

Don't feel any obligation to pay. It's here if you'd like to tip a buck or whatever.

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I set up pretty cheap hosting for this instance. We currently have about 800 backlogged jobs. If it stays high after a day or so, I'll upgrade out hosting to keep things rolling smoothly.

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Hoping to keep to a smaller space for now. Just be nice and pleasant to each other. Also, don't be a young.

Shotgunning an entire jar of peanut butter to show I'm still cool and can party. moderation Show more

If they're not old enough to remember Freedom Fries, they're too young for

i'm not ageist, some of my best friends are from

Real 30 year old boomers have a favorite brand of bottled water.

woah looks like i made some bad pleroma takes last time i was here. boy i was mad and said some stupid shit. anyway is it safe to keep drinking sugar free monster after farting dust

I applied for an invite to the boomer instance and they said, "you're close but not ready yet kid. come back when your beard sucks"

today's mood: listening to Grandpa Simpson saying "I'm afraid of the future!" on repeat inside my head

It’s just what happens as you get older. You wanna settle down. Start your own instance. See the lay of the land without fear of mod or admin. Just your own domain. Free from instance drama. administration Show more

Throwing out a new invite code. Be over 30, be not a shit head, also general leftist.

@BobbyBrown i forgot what did sun tzu say about shitting in one's adult diaper, and is that step before or after ensuring you fight from the high ground

who's old and excited about entering the new freezer delivery window

Whatup where my seborrheic keratosis (barnacles of aging) crew at

I sat down at my desk to do something important, and now I can't remember what.

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