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Ok, I've set up a patreon for

Don't feel any obligation to pay. It's here if you'd like to tip a buck or whatever.

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Hoping to keep to a smaller space for now. Just be nice and pleasant to each other. Also, don't be a young.

Gonna start referring to hot sauce as wet heat and spices as dry heat.

American idiot, but the song starts out I want to be a branch davidian and only gets worse from there.

Might fuck around and develop a string emotional connection with someone on another continent.

I got a tarot reading today that said I should buy a gun.

Not a shit post.

Join Trekkie69 on stream today and through 11pm Sunday for a charity stream. Donations go to the IWW Northern NJ hardship fund focused on corona relief for fellow workers.

The joker, but he's been doing a lot of homesteading and prepping

Do you want to know how I got these jars?

Ok, remember that baby shark song? Now replace all the lyrics with joker shark and go to town.

Imagining a disaster movie that was accurate and had the protagonist getting harassed by their boss asking when they can make it in for a shift.

Lol literally sucking wind after walking from the bathroom to the couch. And they want me back in the factory...

If anyone tells you they understand how time works, they're a liar.

Corona - 

I just did some rough math on the spread of corona. Assuming it's increasing by 250% a day, 22 days and basically everyone in America will be infected. That count is probably at 12 days already.

Corona posting 

Just got a delivery of two rolls of toilet paper from a union sibling I've met once before. This is what mutual aid looks like. I'm trapped inside and a Fellow Worker came out and helped.

I've been trapped inside for about a week. Have 10 days left on my quarantine, and this act of kindness from a relative stranger was incredible.

Solidarity forever


I have been quarantined for the next two weeks. This both sucks and rules.

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