Finished a book. Now I’m without book: vicious cycle

proud to announce that I'm running for Mayor of Flavortown

What the hell is tiktok? Any other olds out of the loop on that one?

Getting called Sir a lot at the mall, and I’m like, “Sir’s my dad. Call me mister.”

bodily fluid/joy of aging 

confession of an old? 

How long until some of us get together and make a radio program?

Whomst pulled a back muscle just being alive? This old guy, that’s whomst


Love to wake up first on a Sunday and enjoy some quiet


What is up with federation bot? It’s boosting some not cool shit lately.

Porridge eaten, my son and I are watching Harry Potter (I know, but he’s 9.) I will most definitely nap

If I were frustrated by the vagaries of youth, I would simply become old

Making porridge for dinner, a sensible meal for an old

Best 90s movie, to answer Healyn’s question, is Dazed and Confused. I know, it’s set in the 70s. But, it rocked everyone’s world in my high school our senior year

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