Finished a book. Now I’m without book: vicious cycle

What the hell is tiktok? Any other olds out of the loop on that one?

Getting called Sir a lot at the mall, and I’m like, “Sir’s my dad. Call me mister.”

bodily fluid/joy of aging 

I kind of like waking up to pee in the night. A nice check-in with real world

confession of an old? 

I have no idea what Homestuck is

How long until some of us get together and make a radio program?

Whomst pulled a back muscle just being alive? This old guy, that’s whomst


@remulacfrommars lmao. Stop halfway through the 4th Q and switch to water. Does wonders

Love to wake up first on a Sunday and enjoy some quiet


Gonna hang out with friends and watch football at a watering hole tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a three day hangover

What is up with federation bot? It’s boosting some not cool shit lately.

Porridge eaten, my son and I are watching Harry Potter (I know, but he’s 9.) I will most definitely nap

If I were frustrated by the vagaries of youth, I would simply become old

Making porridge for dinner, a sensible meal for an old

Best 90s movie, to answer Healyn’s question, is Dazed and Confused. I know, it’s set in the 70s. But, it rocked everyone’s world in my high school our senior year

So, I’ve been away from the discourse most of the day. What’re all these .social accounts up to? Are they trying to destroy the list or are they really trying to get that clout? Either way, not feeling it

First car: ‘88 Plymouth Reliant (not a ‘K’)

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