people on twitter: cant believe this website is free*

*funded by data collection and advertising with dark design patterns that keep you addicted to the site and constantly angry

you can even post swears, like this: wanker

the nice thing about is after ten you can post anything you want bc all the other users are asleep

maybe i should rethink "being mean, but like, funny mean" as one of the centerpieces of my personality

lol can't find anyone to come drink with me to celebrate coming out to my family

like, in new orleans. i can't find someone to drink with. on like one of the most important days of my life. what the hell y'all

leaning hard as fuck on a window at the bar trying to fall through like a funny movie guy

Boost if u think any of these are made up:
Santa Clause

No one will know which one!!

if this instance was a car it'd be a buick because old people like those

all MLM spam
all Ponzi scams
all the time

i unironically enjoy prunes, butterscotch candies, and ovaltine

this is not a bit local tl is lit, too bad the young'uns can't see

Olds Town

No hate. No harassment. Use CWs.