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I'm so old I remember actually using yellowbooks to find businesses and services

Mastodon: All these people are great and I would like to interact with them!
also Mastodon: OMG I am old enough to be their dad

movies that have low sound for dialogue and then special affects sound blow out my eardrums are very annoying

keeping Urban Dictionary open on my Internet Explorer so I too can be one of the cool kidz on this site.

I do wonder if I should import my main followers to here but
1) it's complex
2) it takes effort.
so maybe tomorrow...

This Soup is Too Hot: A true story of heroism in our time

@oldwhiskeysailor Ouch: my mouth and roof is burnt
the amazing seuqal for the Best Selling* original!!

*may not have been best selling.

This Soup is Too Hot: A true story of heroism in our time

Mastadon: this is a fun nice place!
also Mastodon: OMG I'm so old...

I'll famous in every office I work in for 3 things:
loud sneezes
loud yawns
awful sounding coughs.

don't you all want to work with me?

I'm old enough to remember when 3d TV was considered the future of TV.

my email box tends to go from very organized and minimized to chaotic and overwhelming in about a day

saying "I'm too old for this shit" at everything is good IMHO.

it's 9pm do you know where I'm?

it's almost always bed.

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