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GoT (8.5) spoilers 

having a lot of old man thoughts today, get off the phone you damn kid I yell as I write this

if you have flappy bird on your phone don't delete it or you cant get it back.

two circles, one and one I suspect they overlap

trying to decide by old mindset:
"back in my day..."
"kids are the feature..."

you kids today with "games installed one computer" never knew how we suffered with 12 floppy disks and flipping between them all the time.

I'm so old I remember actually using yellowbooks to find businesses and services

Mastodon: All these people are great and I would like to interact with them!
also Mastodon: OMG I am old enough to be their dad

movies that have low sound for dialogue and then special affects sound blow out my eardrums are very annoying

keeping Urban Dictionary open on my Internet Explorer so I too can be one of the cool kidz on this site.

I do wonder if I should import my main followers to here but
1) it's complex
2) it takes effort.
so maybe tomorrow...

This Soup is Too Hot: A true story of heroism in our time

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