personally, my question about your narrative media that has dudes is, do any of them kiss each other? approximately how much airtime is devoted to them kissing or them explicitly wanting to kiss each other

How to make boys like girl shows: girls punch people

I also won three games in a row (none of us are good at darts) but I think that was the more significant achievement

drugs, happiness 



my first ever experience of road rage 

selfie, ec 

Have you experienced queer imposter syndrome?

*watches media about a man being bad which constantly beats you over the head about how bad the man is, and yet is perceived by many of its fans as telling you the man is cool* hmm, i wonder if somethings going on here

the best part of having ESL is i can use the language in utterly bizarre ways and no one is allowed to give me shit

the wolf of wall street, sales - 

the wolf of wall street, sales - 

ask not for whom the big goose honks
it honks for thee

semi-serious hyperbole 

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the most important skill to develop for work is the ability to make it seem like you're doing a lot of work

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