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my gender is kyle machlachlan shouting "father! the sleeper has awakened!" at the sky

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new for my upcoming

i'm Ciarán aka kiki - 34, masc enby, white, irish, musician (@drembot)

i post about politics/society, music, tv, films, chess, some photographs, occasional selfies

i try to be conscientious about interactions (especially with non-mufos) and using CWs as i'm anxious person - if i cross a line i am happy to be told

here for to make friends, and learn about myself and others

mainly earnest posting, might attempt the odd shitpost, not very flirty

alcohol, whisk(e)y 

i'm that person that knows all the words to romeo and juliet by dire straits

There's a chalk art festival and it's raining and it's pretty cool actually

thinking about a cafe/bar idea where no food or drink is served, you bring your own whatever you want, but every surface contains hundreds of power sockets and charging points

ukpol, heavily cursed 

There's a cliche that rooting for professional sports franchises is just rooting for a logo, and it's absolutely true. More importantly, we root for owners.

I'm a fan of the Jets, a team run by Johnson & Johnson failsons. I root for the Mets, a team run by the only dopes capable of losing money in the NY real estate market (Madoff investors, to boot).

I understand all of this and yet, here I am. A sucker

:block: replying to ironic posts and starting a sincere discussion based on facts

:oppose: trying to figure out whether the original post was meant to be sincere in the first place, then react correspondingly

:dont_agree: starting an ironic discussion in response to a sincere post

:agree: instantly replying "fuck you" to posts without having figured out if they were sincere

i dont need a quiz to tell me i'm eeyore and most of us are eeyore because the world is a fuck and we're all depressed

follower meta 

oh shit paninaro just came on in the pub

fuckin tune

A lewd poll 

homelessness, fucked up urban myth 

drug reference 

photo of skeletons, historians being weird about gay stuff, queer erasure 

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