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my gender is kyle machlachlan shouting "father! the sleeper has awakened!" at the sky

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new for my upcoming

i'm Ciarán aka kiki - 34, masc enby, white, irish, musician (@drembot)

i post about politics/society, music, tv, films, chess, some photographs, occasional selfies

i try to be conscientious about interactions (especially with non-mufos) and using CWs as i'm anxious person - if i cross a line i am happy to be told

here for to make friends, and learn about myself and others

mainly earnest posting, might attempt the odd shitpost, not very flirty

this is the kwisatz haderaqua

cw picture of child with edited eyes

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food kinda, Cool Fact 

like there was a point where i was legitimately considering a phd in philosophy and a life in academia

but i was convinced, and convinced myself, that it was not the way to go

once i decided against it, i just dropped it

its been there with me since, can't leave those thoughts behind, but i couldn't go back to it again

but i think i need to

ive gotten so bad at reading habits in general, feeling very much like a cliche of detached 30s wage slave

reading zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance has been like a big slap in the head reminding me i haven't read any philosophy since i finished my master's over a decade ago

it's funny that i was kinda cynical about all the "change your life" shit that goes with it, and it's definitely a mixed bag, but still it's been good to dip my toe and remember how i used to love swimming

enjoying my bojack rewatch but also remembering i need to do a rewatch where i ignore the story and only look at background signs and details

current favourite: david hasslehoff's floor burgers

fb - 

alcohol + 

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My greatest achievement as a teenager was uploading a video titled "AVATAR FULL MOVIE PART 1 OF 10" to YouTube the day it was released.

It was a Seinfeld clip with the characters edited to be blue and it got 40K views.

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after two days of trying to sit in the sun, i'm giving up and sitting in the shade

epic shot of Mairéad with her old school film camera

cw picture of person, no eye contact

me, on the beach

covered in sand, though you cannot tell

cw picture of me, no eye contact because sunglasses

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India pol, article recommendation 

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on holding friends accountable 

also mindblowing that books used to cost 95p brand new...

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veteran's day 2019 thread 

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