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i presume there's folks on the fediverse into chess?

if anyone ever fancies a game on feel free to get in touch!

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my gender is kyle machlachlan shouting "father! the sleeper has awakened!" at the sky

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**redrafted to remove terfy organisation!**

i haven't yet seen anyone compile a list of uk/irish orgs you can support focused on addressing racism or antiblackness. i am not an expert or authority on this obv but here are some i have come across:

- Irish Network Against Racism

- Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust (manchester)

- Race Equality First (south wales)

(thread continues here:

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@WeWereSeeds Wanted to make sure you saw this: A crowdsourced list of 1000+ Black artists, producers, and labels on Bandcamp

420, food 

just finished baking a batch of brownies, now it's time to bake

happy 420 folks

boris johnson 

he's still probably got the odds in his favour, but i feel like this is probably as close as he's come so far in his life to facing anything like consequences

mubi are offering 3 months for €1

watched el despertar de las hormigas last night, highly recommend it

covid 19, mh - 

had been going through a bad patch even before all of this hit, don't really have the will to post or do much lately at all

everything has been moving so quickly, i'm so scared for so many people

i hope people are able to stay safe and well, love and solidarity to you all

alcohol, socialising, mh + 

did virtual pub aka cans and video conferencing with old friends i haven't seen in a while, it was good

i am set trend just by sitting at home in my sweatpants

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isolation, depression + 

it's kinda funny to me that the lifestyle i lived last year thanks to living in the middle of nowhere and being deeply depressed is now just the thing that everyone has to do

Irish pol, covid 19 

leo to nation: this isn't your fault, but we're going to make you pay for it

happy st. patrick's day 

a part of me wonders if ireland and the diaspora next year might say 'you know, i didn't mind the quiet one last year, actually it's kind of exhausting getting that performatively fucked up every year'

mh - 

days on end i wanna sleep and hide

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the album's out a month now, and tbh i'm pretty happy a) with how it sounds and b) that a few people have listened to it

art is communication, a message sent into the world

it's a good feeling to think that might have been received somewhere

if anyone would like to listen, links are below:

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steven universe future, in dreams/bismuth casual thoughts, spoiler-ish, caps 

i guess the limited connie/peridot time in the first ten episodes was forgivable given how well the new episodes played on their absence (which was pretty much what i expected but still hard to take at the time...)

bismuth and pearl? possibly in a polyam relationship with humans? 💜


also is it true that these ten are the last ever episodes?

the entitled consumer, loyalty/reward scheme 

i am the entitled consumer, i appreciate loyalty/reward schemes because when a company returns a minor fraction of their exploited profits in a way that minimally inconveniences them, it indicates that i'm valued

i am affronted by small and low-margin businesses that don't offer me such schemes, regardless of how it would affect their ability to pay employees or remain open, because it tells me they don't understand the privilege of receiving my money

funny how all this austerity has failed to produce a robust global economy, i for one am shocked

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Conservative "critiques" of Post-Colonialism 

So I subscribe to The New Criterion: a "intellectual" conservative publication dealing in culture. I do so to keep at least one eye open to the general trends/arguments of the right (since I don't engage with them anywhere else in any substantive way, these days).

And look what they decide to attack? Post-Colonial theory.

one of the things i love about irish rugby is that the team is made up of the whole island

it's a sport that came from our colonisers like soccer, but for some reason unlike soccer the border doesn't factor, and unlike our native gaelic sports, it's played on both sides of the sectarian divide

like it's hardly the solution to all our ills, but it's a simple piece of evidence that two cultures can form a single entity without having to erase each other

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