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i'm Ciarán - a big, tall, hairy guy from ireland who makes music and gives out about the state of the world (especially ireland)

i am usually open to talking about pretty much anything, and will get particularly enthusiastic about music/tv/film/society-related discussions

i'm also inclined towards very quiet stretches during periodic bouts of anxiety

follows and chats most welcome ❤️

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For the past several months, I've been sending american-flag-belt-coworker almost-weekly network messages through an app he logs into that I have full admin on. The message pops up in the bottom corner of your desktop, and gives no appearance of having anything to do with the app it's coming from.

For the first few months, he only received this message, over and over:

dirt comics #1 - "impostor stockholm syndrome"

just thinking about how sean bean is literally 'mr bean'

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them two day hangovers are a fuck

goddamn it i think i'm getting too old to have reckless fun

@garfiald it's wild to me that people would complain about piracy at this point and ignore the centralization of entertainment industries into like 3 companies

if you think that the solution to artists' poverty is to scream at people not to steal books/music/films/etc, not only are you incredibly misguided, you're outing yourself as an absolutely worthless analyst of capitalism

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men really be out here saying that you're not a real man if you drink alcohol that tastes good...when will men learn to enjoy things

It's The One About Getting Pumped Up!

Another Masto-Sourced Playlist, with a bunch a fun songs to get frickin *worked* up!

Currently 37 songs deep, but as usual, I expect that to go up as late adds trickle in.

AOC quoting Watchmen, and some of the replies, just reminds me how irrationally upset I get about the weird contingent of right-wing fans of Watchmen.

Alan Moore is a fucking anarchist you illeterate goons. Learn to actually read things for god's sake.

boost if u think jeff bezos should get divorced from,,, his fucken bald ass head lmao

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"but Lucy... you're openly getting into paganism, are gay, have more than broken that whole sodomy thing,are an open critic of the church, are not even a christian..." LOOK, those are all solid points BUT, I should still be a saint tbh

first full week of work of 2019 done, that was actually not as bad as i was worried it might be

thank fucking fuckity fuck it's fucking friday evening, and thank you lovely people of mastodon for providing hours of entertainment, education, and distraction on the way here

hope you all have an awesome weekend ❤️

personally I think poetry is at least as good a way of imagining better futures and plotting roads to'em as whatever we've been doing up to this point

rich old white men sure do like to use words like "vassal"

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