I don’t think so many millennials would be drawn to the utopian ideals of socialism if the previous generation had done a better job of explaining why it didn’t work out in certain places.

They used fear tactics and labeled it as evil without giving us any clear reasons why. That’s like Old Testament leaders saying “Bacon is DELICIOUS! But it’s also SINFUL!” for no good reason.


The Avenger crap is almost over and I cannot wait for life to resume to normal.

Sometimes all you need in life is a cuppa coffee and a microdose.

So it seems the pollen has triumphed once again. *shakes fist*

All the kids these days are using terms like 'virtue signaling' and 'identity politics' and I can tell that I'm old because I either 1) don't understand or 2) don't buy it.

*extremely Bryan from the Breakfast Club voice* What's gonna happen when the internet is destroyed in a nuclear rain? Are we all still gonna be friends?

if u tickle us do we not laugh?”. - the joaker

Welp, it’s that time of the year when Wellbutrin starts giving me crazy anxiety and mania. Time to trade it for something more springtime-y.

Valentina is playing Angel in the live performance of Rent on FOX. Best crossover episode everrrrr???

What’s a good way to advertise your first book? Asking for a friend. 📚

The field is somewhere in-between self-help / empathy / cognition / critical thinking.

Scarfing down Hi-Chew’s on a train somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Thailand because my blood sugar is dropping for no good reason. Is that what being old is?

‘Kidding’ with Jim Carrey is the absolute best. Go watch it.

@BestGirlGrace @healyn no you don't have to google "olds.town" every time just type "olds dot town" in the address bar, no the bar at the top, no, no www

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