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ZUN described one of his recent compositions as “the result of a 42 year old man trying to unleash his inner chuunibyou” and honestly?
I hope that I can say the same thing about my work in 10 years.

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someone reblogged my best composition (Thwomp Zone) on tumblr after like 5 years so i went through all 1000 of the tags for some reason and man. im glad ppl liked it. heres my favorite set. if anyone was curious. It was one of those things where I was like "has anyone done this yet [one year later] guess ill do it myself" and an exercise in transcribing things by ear.

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Also an intro i suppose 

Hullo, early-30s nb, fem presenting, masc in soul, 1 husband, no human-kids, 2 cat-kids and 5,000,000 fictional sons.

Before I got depression i got my degree in game design and specialized in writing game music and worldbuilding. Now I flop around and play shitty mobile games while waiting for my brain to magically reappear.

"is that an anime avatar" that is my first son Izzy and in this house we respect his knowledge. he is very tired just like me. I love him.

i know the feeling of "this person is part of the original community i made and definitely supports me still i think" and like, needing support as a content creator during downtime ive been there
and i eventually hit a breaking point and ejected from toxic spaces
so i wish i could help others not get to that breaking point
but in my experience i never win those battles

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i always feel bad when i befriend an artist and theyre super sweet but their like, older circle of friends are just bunch of fuckin' assholes and i wanna be like "dear sweet artist please cut these toxic dumbasses out of your life"

it's actually kind of amazing how finding a group of people who are like, actually chill and fun and nice will make me just, even subconsciously, stop going to my old places that are full of dudebros who just wanna argue with each other about min-maxing numbers in gacha game mechanics all day

The former seems to happen more often with streamers, which I guess says more about the streaming community at large than anything else

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feels all too often i become friends with someone and their preestablished friend group is all annoying or assholes and I hate em but I love my friend... 😩

Happens more than joining a friend group and loving everyone in it. At least my most recent experience has been the latter ... :blobcatmelt:

you know, if swedes like seth everman can exist without showing their entire ass by trying to show superiority over other countries, your crusty ass can refrain from being a clown.

Also LOL loved how you crossposted all your subtooting to twitter because masto rejected your shit takes

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Europeans will not stop tripping over themselves #OnHere to say racism is not a thing here. shut the actual fuck up omg will you put your ass away for 5 seconds. do we need to list the genocides done by this continent where collective identity is literally based on a fucking nazi myth

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I can tell I've humbled someone when I point out why their attempt to chalenge me for no reason is flawed and they go WELL WHO EVEN CARES ANYWAY

like dude you cared enough to get at me about something you didnt even fucking need to lol what is your goddamn problem why am i living rent free in your head so bad kid

i got ff14 running again (i got my ui settings fixed) and am once again trying to catch up. finished the main stormblood MSQ, revving up to trudge thru the post-patch stuff.

like ok yall wanna act like maximum no-life degens? fine! I'll continue whaling units with space whale bucks and lord it over you.

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another day another being shamed for not no-lifing a fucking gacha and then getting the old "well at least you have a job" when I cited *MY ADHD AND GENERAL NEURODIVERGENCE THAT MAKES ME HATE MY JOB* as the reason i cannot and will not no-life a gacha

welp i make one passing criticism of the husband (literally stop hogging the bathroom so often, I need to pee often, you do not need to be in there for so long) and now he's gonna be a baby and loudly sigh every 30 seconds and get combative about everything all night wee hoo

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! In Maine it's an officially recognized holiday. It's only been about 2? years, so small steps. I'm still proud of it though. :blobcatmelt:

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If you’re an instance that’s welcoming former snouts users, make sure you use a firm hand when dealing with racism.

"Boy it sure would be nice if we BIPOC would stop being harassed "

"Hm, no, seems more like you're just shitposters who are lashing out because your popularity is being threatened"

?????????????????? boy people don't know how to read.

[record scratch] so you're probably wondering how we arrived at this point in time, well you see I had this amazing photo album that I just HAD to share...

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