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ZUN described one of his recent compositions as “the result of a 42 year old man trying to unleash his inner chuunibyou” and honestly?
I hope that I can say the same thing about my work in 10 years.

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someone reblogged my best composition (Thwomp Zone) on tumblr after like 5 years so i went through all 1000 of the tags for some reason and man. im glad ppl liked it. heres my favorite set. if anyone was curious. It was one of those things where I was like "has anyone done this yet [one year later] guess ill do it myself" and an exercise in transcribing things by ear.

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Also an intro i suppose 

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god this techbro really sitting here defending the fact that that new weirdass vaporware cooking mama game had weirdass blockchain drm in it like WELL IT WASNT BITCOIN THEY JUST SEEM LIKE THEY WANTED TO FIND NEW WAYS TO STOP PIRACY AND CREATE A RANDOM EXPERIENCE like boy the iranian yoghurt isnt the fucking issue here, why was that shit on fucking COOKING MAMA lmao

if its not obvious, izzy, izzys character development, and izzys relationship to his best friend taichi yagami are the only things i care about when it comes to adventure content anymore.

if they do those things right i can excuse everything else.

so far they havent screwed it up, but there's PLEEEENTY of time to drop the ball and turn my boy into a meme like tri did.

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that digimon reboot/remake/OVA (its def. the latter I now know) snuck right up on me, got to watch ep. 1 tonight and I gotta say, I'm feeling a LOT better about it than I initially was. aka, i dont feel exhausted about how capitalism is sucking it dry.

I'm still wary, but I spent all night gushing about all the effort they put into showing izzy's established anxiety in a new setting and actually establishing him and Taichi as the MC/sidekick duo out the gate. So safe to say I will enjoy.

a lot of this shit in animal crossing new horizons rally feels like peak "what the fuck is QA, QA is a shit, dont hire QA and just let the players test our easily-testable shit and we'll patch it" culture and the fact that this is the case in a nintendo fucking first party IP in 20 fucking 20 makes my QA-minded self lose it

spam emails are hilarious sometimes, you know, particularly the ones that grab an ages old password off a comprimised site of 1999 and then tell you it installed keyloggers on your pc (stares at my mac mmhmm ok) and wants you to pay bitcoin or else theyll blackmail you.

That last part, though. "Hm, how do I sound convincing... uh lets say we recorded them watching porn. Everyone watches porn!"

My bitch ace sex-repulsed as fuck ass: mmhmm. ok. yeah. in what alternate universe, spammer?

If you have irrational feelings, or irrational fears, and you know theyre irrational, but you still have them, *because you can't just fucking logic away irrationality sometimes*, you're still fucking valid uwu ok!?!?!?

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"I do not like this character, I have unfortunately acquired a bad association with them to bad and immature people"

"lol that sure is a reason to dislike a character, just learn not to associate!"

"...I literally cannot, as someone on the spectrum, *not create associations* between things and other things.

"Then stop looking at peoples twitter profiles if you dont like them 4Head"

Mmm. Yes, you guys are so wise. Clearly I pale in comparison.

my twitter today gets to be Gabby and i made her a little meme for the occasion

i think our supervisor has reminded people to save things with last name first like 4 times now in the last week. And is still getting "oh I didn't realize we're doing that".

Really? Really.

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watching this person ask 20 questions in the biller group chat then eventually just start iming me directly even though i havent said or done anything yet today.

1) If youve asked me this before, why didnt you write it down
2) why not just ask the group chat
3) stop asking how to write every single individual payer to go electronic and, i dont know, learn to look up the payer ids on the insurance cards so you dont have to keep asking

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No one's bothered me about numbers today and I felt actually productive, so thankfully I'm not wanting to crawl in a hole like I was yesterday, Ugh.

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Just like, don't straight up harass your star employee on an off day when it's something you could approach them about like "are you encountering any issues? Just so you know we have a bunch to do over in this pocket you may not normally get to - that would help immensely! Woo!"

But as usual, home office doesn't know how to APPRECIATE anyone.

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i almost straight up had to take a mental health day because management got up my ass yesterday about the numbers we were putting out.

like bitch calm the fuck down we're 2 days into work-from-home and tuesday numbers always lok worse than monday numbers, what the hell do you want me to do?

We can't release 7000 claims in a day if not even 2000 drop! I don't know how to explain this to you.

Also LMAO that they went after ME specifically because theyre used to me farting out 700 claims. smh.

and im just getting pelted by spider talk everywhere because of this shit, and its like, im arachnephobic, i litteraly have a phobia, it makes me have anxiety and panic attacks

DID YOU! MISS! WHERE! My gripe is that I cant play a goddamn casual life sim game because it gives me too much anxiety? What a bizarre accessibility issue in the year 2020!!! fuck OFF nintendo

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nintendo: thanks for the wait! here is a new animal crossing
me: hey cool
nintendo: tarantulas just fucking swarm. everywhere. they are everywhere. just everywhere there are giant HD spiders chasing and attacking you
me, who has arachnephobia: hey thanks! Guess I cant actually play your goddamn game now.

(....uh, except hes not a furry. I should point that out)

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no lie , my husband even notes that this is my Type and he likes to goad me into admitting that he is Also that type. Lucky him. :3c

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