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FB post from Felix Felicis: I am the very model of a modern queer millennial
Maligned by baby boomers and my brother’s a centennial
My lip is pierced, my skin tattooed, my hair cut’s asymmetrical,
I’ve never changed a tire but I’m a whiz at things electrical
I can list the industries I’ve killed in order alphabetical
I’m rather fond of Marx but only in the theoretical
My gender is a mystery, and libido’s bidirectional
Annnnnd fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional


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the death of the author means that its pronounced gif with a hard g, goddamnit

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geek 1: we should use security measures

geek 2: why would we do that? people just shouldn't break into our stuff

geek 1: what the fuck are you talking about


geek 1: we should try to make our stuff more accessible, preventing mistakes by users and such

geek 2: why would we do that? people just shouldn't make mistakes

geek 1: omg, you're so right

agent, after I relate all this, stunned: what do you call it

me, turning to camera, staring: THE TECHNOCRATS

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if i were Dragonforce I would simply not go through the fire and the flames

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Hey! I'm learning to become a #sysadmin . I still have a LOT to learn, but what I need mainly right now is some project to get involved with.

So if you know someone who needs a hand on some basic server admin and maintenance or other work that might be suitable for beginners, pls let me know!

I'm based in the global south and have good internet connection. DM me if you have any ideas. I'm looking for both paid and volunteer jobs. #boost is appreciated!

#linux #mediawiki #wiki #php #python

what's happening olds.town, it's me @balrogboogie. I'm a 35-year-old software developer from Michigan. I have a spouse and a couple kids, and I enjoy watching movies, making music and casually playing video games. yes you're correct, i'm boring af

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