I fell like Olds.Town should have the old AOL "You've Got Mail" sound when you log on

woah looks like i made some bad pleroma takes last time i was here. boy i was mad and said some stupid shit. anyway is it safe to keep drinking sugar free monster after farting dust

i mean maybe im a privileged jerk who can afford a 900 user instance out of pocket but im also just really fucking tired of pleromans' shit, im tired of the sealioning, and lets put it this way, it aint mastodon running freespeechextremist or bringing freespeechextremist assclowns into my mentions despite them being hard blocked

theres like 6000 mastodon instances that would give anyone in need an account, i fail to see the accessibility use case for someone HAVING to run their own instance but can't afford a mastodon installation

cowardly posting on my alt that maybe pleroma's acessibility is a bad thing. if you cant muster up enough support to raise $10/mo in server fees you probably don't have enough support to keep your instance from becoming a fountain of pedophiles and nazis

i have not once seen pleroma used to amplify the voice of someone cool who couldn't afford a mastodon instance, ive only seen it used for lazy ass nazi cucks and pedophiles to have a zero effort way to waste my time running my instance

god damn these whippersnappers can just fuck right off with their "sugar free monster is for 30 yo boomers" bullshit. all of them off my lawn now.

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