Just a regular reminder that "punishable by fine" means "legal for rich people."

@adoxographer In Sweden there's this thing called "dagsböter". It's one of the punishments you can get in court. It's like a fine but the size of the fine is is set by your income. It's not for small stuff though 😕

@habmala I've heard about that--some rich dude who paid 100+k Euro fine for speeding made international news briefly.

@adoxographer (oh i can't see the rest of the thread for some reason then)

@adoxographer eh, it really depends. Some countries have the fines adjusted to the person's income.

@adoxographer I don't doubt it has. After all, the regulations didn't appear out of thin air. Someone fought hard to make them so.

@adoxographer unless the fine is set as a percentage of income or wealth. Such as Swiss speeding tickets.

I wanna say that even for percentage of income fines, a rich person can afford 100k easier than most people can afford 100

@adoxographer this is literally the reason people drive so fast

@friskywhiskers right?!
For a few years I was impossibly poor, and I had an ancient car with expired plates and registration and no insurance. I drove very carefully then, I assure you!

@adoxographer except where fines are defined proportional to income or wealth!

@adoxographer I just misread that as "punishable by fire".

Fuck... I wish.

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