as i've broken squarely into middle age in the last few years, i've noticed my home taking on a medicine cabinet and old man fart smell more and more regardless of how many boxes of incense or how much febreeze we use

pretty sure 70% of that smell is my subconscious fucking with me since 99% of the people who come to the door comment on how good our house smells (like a new age shop is my fav)

but i'm not willing to risk it

so as soon as i'm left unsupervised i'm burning it to the ground


i think my dad senses are tuning themselves as time goes on to be able to yell at my kid and wife from an entire other room for farts much like my thermostat sense has grown to be able to sense someone elses kids thinking about touching another dad's thermostat

cause i'm not farting and i'm alone in this room but someone is and it's terrible and i don't know why i can smell it

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