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I'm sorry to everyone who's sick of seeing these over and over but i'm so desperate and completely out of options to get help
i hate doing these so much but i don't know what else to do to try to raise the money in time to save us from being thrown out just so they can renovate and double the rent on these condos

please please please cross post these and boost them

🖤 🖤 🖤 💖 🙏 💖 🖤 🖤 🖤$luxotek

the wife found carrot cake Oreos and I for one welcome my diabetic coma

if it weren't that my feet are covered in super nasty scars and sores all the time.. and the whole no toenails thing looking gross as fuck.. I'd go full hippy and never wear shoes again
or at least stick to my house shoes/slides that have that memory foam shit that actually helps some around the house

was looking at shoes that might have the same padding type shit to try so I could go out more.. all are 200$+ which is an insurmountable price for me
so I'm too poor to walk now.. fuck me I guess

omfg the pains off the fucking charts.. like I haven't taken my pain meds in days..
tomorrow I go take my drug test again after avoiding it for three weeks to prove I'm not selling my meds.. now that it feels like they're not working I almost wanna say I'm sure I'll test that they're not in my system again..
cause why wouldn't I get fucked by this too somehow..

really honestly all this shit is just a desperate attempt to distract myself from all the horror in my life right now

ugh - now i'm getting hella gaps between the perimeter and the solid infill bottom and top layers

i've been thru all the simplify3d shit to try to fix it
infill settings - layer settings - extrusion multipliers - slowing it down to a crawl

like i'm glad i made a copy of my old pla setting and the one for the white petg cause i have changed so much i have no idea what i've even changed now

ugh - they ended the giveaway thing at amazon - no more free shit all the time - no more dopamine shots here and there

at least i don't need to keep up with 8 amazon accounts and all the domain and email shit anymore

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Ok cool just gonna go ahead and do an executive dysfunction

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every interaction with my boomer parents for the last 4 (40) years

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breathing is a scam dreamed up by big life in order to sell you more misery

Starbucks mocha whatever the fuck this is in a can tastes like burned asshole hair and if my wife gets these again I'm leaving her to get murdered by hobos and screws on the first train I can find to jump.. although now that I think about it it would be quicker to jump in front of instead of on the train..

I hate my life and I wish I was dead

loving the feel and quality of this new petg filament though.. specially for the price per kg.. think I found my new brand for colors and next time I have money get some 500g or 250g spools of some more colors and see if its just the orange or the whole brand rocks.. then stock up

ok.. so either the heat plate is loose in that corner or I missed it with the hair spray.. did a print of some cutesy pumpkin bookmarks for the little one and everything in that corner that fucked up last night fucked up again...

so I guess I'll go back to the settings I was using last night and tighten some screws, put some washers on, and respray it and see what's up

i usually have to use a hammer to get most of my prints free - which is amazing since i haven't put any aquanet down for like a month

but it was only one side that peeled up so it might just be that there was never enough hairspray on that side of the plate to begin with

so now i'm back to figuring out how to get the first layer to be pretty again cause now i have gaps all over even though every setting i tweaked should have made that impossible


finally put on the orange pet filament that i've been holding onto... its so different from the pet white i've been using for a while now so i decided to rebuild my process setting from scratch to try to get some finer detail prints since this stuff seems like it'll do it finally

i've been tweaking the generic 'your printer' preset for years now and it's done... ok - but never very pretty

ran into my first adhesion issue in years on my first print which was surprising af

breathing is a scam dreamed up by big life in order to sell you more misery

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