huh.. my hair is halfway between messy Corey Haim in watchers hair and 'every rich 80s movie villian' hair

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40 boosts and i’ll send this horrible thing to my girlfriend, potentially jeopardizing our relationship in the process

need a roll of tin foil, a trampoline, and some high tension lines please

can someone please duct tape me to a torpedo and launch it into the mariana trench please

weird.. lots of youngs with backpacks wandering around my front door today - like walking thru our entrance alcove which unless you're coming or going from one the condo's there's no reason to be this far off the sidewalk
one dude a few hours ago stopped and just checked out what we had on the patio for a minute
dunno if we've got another or about to get another influx of squatters or it's just coincidence but the paranoid shut in in me doesn't like it one bit

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My presence here is so tenuous that if I change either my avatar or my name, people forget who I am. That's my superpower.

drugs (-) 

someone load me in a trebuchet and fire me at a cliff face please

so glad they remade dirty rotten scoundrels but took out any of the humor...

that's for sure what fucked up the original... who needs steve martin

can't wait for the jerk reboot where they make him smart and clever and take all the slapstick out of that movie too

welp.. today went from productive to a huge load of shit that makes me wish i never existed....

so fuck it - i'm gonna take a shit load of drugs and too much insulin and put myself out of my misery for the night

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can someone put me in a rocket and fire it at a brick wall please

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can someone just slam dunk me into an open lava pit already please

anyone have an airlock i can be shot out into the cold void of space from?

any one heard from shock g recently.. man i hope he's doing ok these days..

i wonder if he still likes his oatmeal lumpy

now that i have my contracts coming in i can finally go sign up for some stuff i've been wanting so bad to check out for like 7-8 years now!

wait.. what do you mean loot crate filed for bankruptcy?!

well at least i can get all that shit at thinkgeek i always wanted now..
wait.. why is this 404ing now?

*...but then, something went terribly wrong

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