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Generally, if I'm playing a bunch of video games, I'm procrastinating, anxious, or both. If you want to join me in self-sabotage, here's where you can find me:

steam - 41276442 subinfinity
GOG - subinfinity
Nintendo - SW-2624-3819-6493
Discord - kennyGGallin#7046

Feel like the domestication of cats was some kind of prank gone wrong like some stone age edgelord is like guys check it out I got this spastic little night beast to shit in my house

Yo, anyone remember that blog post called "Radical Liftists" about how weight training can help equip you for the unforgiving slog that is activism (as well as helping to punch nazis harder)? Trying to get motivated & it looks like the original blog is gone

we're six months into 2020 and its still janauary

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yall whatever hashtags get trending in the next few hours will what we show off at this workshop so get those #DeathToAmerica #ass #TransRights hashtags going!

Helping my sister move in to a new place & the noise dork in me wants to just wait by the hvac units with a field recorder as they kick on

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i'm sure that has been posted before but it can always use repeating: here is a resource to help connect marginalized folk with therapists from similar backgrounds as them. Founded and chaired by a team of black, brown, and asian doctors so you know its not totally lip service

Me and my friend like to make noise music. He lives across the world from me but we went to college together and have kept in touch since. We finally managed to make an album and I am really proud of it.

It is somewhere between ambient and harsh noise. It kind of sounds like the soundtrack to a scifi-horror movie.

Check it out!

You gotta wear headphones and be at the bottom of the ocean when you listen though.


the vikings thought that thunder was caused by thor's hammer, but it is actually caused by the clap of his dummy thicc ass cheeks


I'm seeing an alarming number of boys and young men entering our online spaces scared and confused because they might be pregnant. Due to testosterone stopping their menstrual cycle, they believed it was impossible for them to get pregnant — thus they were not as cautious and safe as they otherwise would have been while with their partner.

**If you have not had a hysterectomy, you can potentially get pregnant while on testosterone.**

There are trans men several years on T who will report abruptly having their cycle again after not having one for 1-3 years. It's possible. Improbable, but possible.

You need to continue practicing safe sex even while on T.

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