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I edited this profile at 2:45 am which is why it is the way it is

I think we need to give more money to trans folks so they can afford the mandatory eurorack modules.

Clothes shopping in the age of covid, advice request, boost if you wanna 

So I recently got a job after a very long time of being unemployed, which means I may soon have the resources to get another pair of pants. Anyone have recommendations on where to get such things online that

- Aren't Amazon
- Are union made
- Ships within/to north america
- Look fly

Stylewise, I'm a he/him that falls down a lot

I have decided that neutral milk hotel's critically acclaimed 1998 album in the aeroplane over the sea is actually about neon genesis evangelion

it shouldn't take a 26 toot thread to inform you not to do or say racist shit

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i want to make it extremely clear that i am in fact calling for white genocide

Want a time machine but instead of killing baby Hitler I want to drop in to like Amazonia with vaccines & AKs

Would trade the library of Alexandria for Maggot Brain in a fucking heartbeat fight me

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Hello hi I have had drinks & I'm logging on just to say Maggot Brain is one of the greatest works to ever have been recorded & if you disagree fuck you you're stupid

really tired of seeing constant headlines of "quirky" findings about how ancient women did most things men did AND THE ARTICLES DONT BOTHER TO GO ANY FARTHER.



THere was a Specific Time In Humanity when all the men were like "lets subjugate all women" AND THEN THEY DID AND HAVE AND ARE CONTINUING TO DO IT

que língua matriz do nosso dialeto eu devia aprender?

(se tiverem outra ideia, comentem)

1: Native Hawaiians killed British colonizer Captain James Cook.⁠
2: Hanging of a French colonial soldier during the Haitian Revolution.⁠
3: Ambon revolt of 1817 led by Kapitan Pattimura against the Dutch colonizers.⁠
4: Philippine warriors kill Portuguese colonizer Magellan.

the problem with brass musicians is that they're always tooting their own horn


yakuza 0 straight up asks the question "what is the difference between a real estate corporation and an organized crime racket" and decides the answer is zero

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