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Generally, if I'm playing a bunch of video games, I'm procrastinating, anxious, or both. If you want to join me in self-sabotage, here's where you can find me:

steam - 41276442 subinfinity
GOG - subinfinity
Nintendo - SW-2624-3819-6493
Discord - kennyGGallin#7046

wouldnt it be funny if we made organized, material efforts to release unjustly imprisoned immigrants from the US prison camps by any means necessary? haha just kidding...unless? haha no no way haha...unless?

Should I have beers tonight?

boobs > Andy Warhol’s “Campbell's Soup Cans”

sorry fam i'm gonna be real with you but this "you need to cw your begposts because it makes me uncomfortable that i can't help" is pretty beyond the pale and i'm pretty mad. please have some fucking empathy and understand that your momentary discomfort won't feel nearly as bad as the threat of homelessness or food insecurity. this is some real "i need to call the manager at this walmart about a panhandler" shit. this is some real "buys the homeless an opaque tent so i don't have to see them and feel bad on my commute" shit

trans crowdfunding, saving for electrolysis 

information the cop hears that helps you is inadmissible in court -- it's hearsay. but negative testimony by cops is absolutely admissible! and if you have a conversation with a cop, and later they lie / misremember what you said, then it's your word against theirs in court. people have been convicted on little-to-nothing but the testimony of a cop claiming you told them something incriminating.

between december 10th and december 13th there's going to be a proverbial walkout / strike with youtube, creators are asking that viewers do not use youtube during those days as well, also be sure to tell as many youtube creators as you can and make a video about it if you are a creator

colonel: watch out snake, the night crew roams the timeline at these hours

snake: night crew, huh

otacon: the "night crew" is a group of posters who roam the night posting the most cursed toots, yet some believe they are the lifeblood of the fediverse. take care, snake

mei ling: hell is empty and all the devils are here

master miller: wouldnt it be fucked up if i was ur brother

being evicted because you can't make rent is someone trying to kill you because they can't make enough profit off of you.
Death to landlords

universally applicable legal advice: delete facebook, don't post pictures of your serious crimes, lawyer up, never talk to the police

elect me, the e-Bimbo for President in 2020 so that i can paint the white house pink and, i dunno maybe stop doing war crimes and do gay crimes instead

I only care about the baby Yoda and pissing off nerds

i’m sorry, but the Ass Consortium still has a lot of work to do if it wants to call itself an #asscommunity... my experience on this website has been rather alienating. this every #ass for itself attitude needs to go

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