Literally just sat in my car for almost 2 minutes bc I forgot was I was supposed to be going into the house to do

Damn. I haven't used this account in a hot minute.

I am older now, but CLEARLY not any wiser.

if this gets ten thousand boosts i'll ask my crush on a date

Recounting some toots I saw between Laser and Dirt and realizing how much those sound like American Gladiator names 😂😂

Cuba just became the first nation in history to put the right to marriage, for all people, in their constitution. Anglo media is reporting that they dropped marriage equality entirely from the constitution but that's not the whole story: they replaced it with a different amendment that has more inclusive language away from heteronormativity and the gender binary.

Selfie, ec 

Getting spanked by @Louisa in old people music trivia, with @ItsJenNotGabby, @Quixote171, and

if eugen catches you having fun on the tl he'll put you in the shadow realm he sent knzk to

I still have my Twitter account @tessa_racked but I use it almost exclusively to poll people on which song they like better between a selection of 2 released between 1980 and 1989, currently doing a tournament and will send a greeting card to the artist who recorded the winning song. If you want to participate.

i should write a dating book for men called "just be cool for a minute, jesus christ" but i fear it may be a short book

Ok, I've set up a patreon for

Don't feel any obligation to pay. It's here if you'd like to tip a buck or whatever.

Folks, if you encounter bad actors, report! I want to squash that nonsense as fast as possible to keep us all from breaking a hip.

@slipperywerm if I want my ass on the TL I will put it there myself

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