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Postscript: Joke's on me, I didn't even realize Conan had retired his hour-long show last October. Which is fine, a good thing if he's able to adapt to the shifting media landscape.

He got old, and his audience got old with him. The show slid into facile "kids these days with their cell phone and internet, amirite?" jokes and Keillor began nose-breathing into the mic and whistling all of his sibilants really loudly and it was just sort of awkward and uncomfortable, and I don't want to unwittingly slide down that slope as I and my formative cultural influences get old. /

...because that's how you get "A Prairie Home Companion," another show I grew up with. I understood perfectly that it was a folksy throwback for boomers and their parents, but Garrison Keillor was legit funny in his dry way and had a finger on the pulse of contemporary goings on for a pretty long time... until he didn't. /

Conan's still around and popular enough to have his show on TBS, but I doubt there are many 30 year olds watching, and it's weird to realize that personalities like that are largely irrelevant to people who have grown up with the internet... because it means that I, too, am irrelevant to those people even though *I* certainly don't feel any less relevant.

I'm scared to death of falling into the comfortable habit of consuming only media from the same personalities/sensibilities I grew up with. /

One of the more insidious things about aging is how your pop culture guideposts slide slowly out of youthful relevance without you realizing it.

for example, if you were ~30 years old 10 years ago, you were probably at least aware of Conan O'Brien and all the fuckery that went down with the tonight show; you would have grown up with network TV/late night talk shows, probably watched him in your teens. /

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I wrote a thing for the equinox. I began working on this *last* fall and managed to get it cleaned up for this year. Not sure I'll have it rehearsed enough to record tonight but I can at least share the dots:


#mastomusic #banjo #classicbanjo #fingerstylebanjo #equinox #autumn #standardnotation

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If you skip the theme song when you watch MST3K you're a cop

Pretty Hate Machine came out 30 years ago


Listening to Queen's "The Miracle" and remembering what it was like when Freddie Mercury still walked the earth, when I took his existence for granted; When The Miracle came out, rumors about Freddie Mercury's health weren't going around yet (or at least they weren't reaching 14 year-old me) and it was just "oh cool, new Queen album."

When Innuendo came out a couple of years later, the rumors were totally unconfirmed but persistent enough that it felt like an epitaph 😔

Feeling nostalgic for my OG Handspring Visor, such a galaxy brain device ("It's like a Palm Pilot, but you can also buy multiple expansion hardware modules that don't actually work all that well and cost more than the device itself, and can only use one at a time"!) but in the pre-smartphone days it seemed like a brilliant strategy.

Most of their lyrics have not aged well at all and I know Gene Simmons is an abject piece of shit but I can't help it, spinning Kiss Alive II on the turntable still whips ass on a summer afternoon

My favorite thing as I progress through my forties is playing "did I somehow sprain this finger or am I getting arthritic?"

Old enough to know who Nipsey Russell was even though he was mostly out of public consciousness growing up, which means I'm also old enough that I a double-take every time I read about Nipsey Hussle's recent death.

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Birdsite screenshot, injury humor 

Some kid on reddit just said "Who's Phil Hartmann" and that makes me feel older and more irrelevant than I have in a while.

car salespeople (predictably -) 🙄 

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I'm not a boomer but I will confess that every time I listen to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band I do want to grab people by the lapels and tell them what an amazing goddamn album it was and is

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