It is my birthday this month, and I've been feeling depressingly old over the last year or two. I know a lot of people reach a point where they just kind of shrug and say "I don't think about birthdays much anymore" but I dunno, it feels sort of increasingly important to lean into celebrating yourself once in a while

I can't decide whether having a constant stream of photos and/or social media-type posts and/or journal entries going back 10-20 years makes the "that doesn't seem that long ago / I can't BELIEVE that was already [n] years ago" perpetual motion machine better or worse

Oldposting (Carl Reiner) 

I realized last night that part of the reason that the passing of "been part of the cultural fabric literally my whole life" figures like Carl Reiner is so upsetting is that they have functioned as proxy grandparent figures even after my own grandparents passed away... and before much longer there aren't going to be any proxy grandparents left. It's upsetting to think of a world where the oldest generation was born in the 1940s or 50s. 😬

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Oldposting (Carl Reiner) 

When Marc Maron interviewed Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks back in 2013, I was happy to learn that they would still hang out, eat dinner, and watch TV together; they were both widowed in the aughts and I hadn't realized they were such close lifelong friends.

I hope Mel can still find happiness, but I won't be surprised if he doesn't stick around long 😔

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Oldposting (Carl Reiner) 

98 years old, can you fucking imagine? I try to imagine myself in 2072 and I can't even conceive of how different the world will be then.

I've been blessed to have little loss in my life so far; my grandparents all lived into their 80s and 90s, and I haven't prematurely lost any close friends... but to live into your nineties and see so many relatives, friends and acquaintances go before you has to be so lonely.

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Oldposting (Carl Reiner) 

I've been preoccupied today with Carl Reiner's passing last night at the age of 98. He was very much one of those people who I was always glad to know was still out there. To say nothing, of course, of his many contributions to the world of comedy, many of which directly or indirectly shaped my own sense of humor growing up in the 1970s and 80s.

Something (probably today's summery weather) possessed me of an impulse to listen to Van Halen's 1984. It is such a zeitgeist of its time, and the longer ago it gets the more unreal that time seems

I've been using computers since ~1982, I've been online in one way or another since ~1988, but I don't think I will ever be able to take the idea of a "youtube celebrity" seriously

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Oh my... former MTV VJ Kurt Loder celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Tell me, exactly how old do you feel right now?!

tfw you shoot a video of yourself (playing music in this case) and when you play it back you can see the back of your own head as you walk into the frame, and it's getting kinda glaringly thin on top

Thinking about what it must have been like to have grown up circa 1900 and lived into the 1960s-70s.

Like, being alienated that the entire home video rental industry rose and fell in my own lifetime is one thing, but to have grown up in a world where electricity and cars weren't prevalent in a lot of places, and have lived to see so many centuries-old aspects of daily life just completely wiped away? I don't even know how one would cope

... like clearchannel et al buying up independent stations and just completely ruining them.

Anyway, I spent a lot of hours listening to that station when I was a kid and it's a real "the world I grew up in is really gone for good, isn't it" moment. It's dumb but I'm gonna buy a bootleg WAAF t-shirt.
I hope the new format crashes and burns completely

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So, WAAF, the definitive rock station that I grew up with, got sold by its shitty conglomerate owner and as of 12:00 this morning the format has shifted to "contemporary christian".

I hadn't listened regularly in years, but it's hitting me a bit harder than the usual "awww, that restaurant/shop I really used to like but never go to anymore closed" mood. It's also about the world shifting away from terrestrial radio in general, partly in thanks to new platforms, partly due to shitty companies/

Last night I saw a dad helping their kid pick out a video from a RedBox machine, and I was kind of glad that the kid will remember 'picking out a movie' as a ritual, even if they never get to do it from an actual video rental shop. Scrolling through streaming service menus on your couch is nowhere near as satisfying (and I would also argue that, once you filter out all the shitty direct-to-video crap, the selection isn't much better than Blockbuster)

I've been wallowing in college-days music lately, and feeling impossibly old

Shit, I still sometimes wonder why the fuck mid-twenties me walked away from a career in practical special effects; I had an aptitude for it and a work ethic that would have gotten me pretty far in that industry, and I enjoyed the work, but...

the hours and pay were absolute shit and I wasn't into it enough at the time to go through umpty years of "paying my dues."

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SNL celebrity death 

Something reminded me today of Jan Hooks' death in 2014 and I found this poignant article about her post-SNL years:

May we all be as comfortable and confident in our choices as she seemed to be in hers. Celebrity is a weird thing that makes people wonder how a person could just walk away from the film/tv industry like that, but non-celebs walk away from shit they're good at but not fulfilled by all the time.

general subtoot 

Ah, to be in my late teens/early twenties again, secure in the knowledge that everything is black and white and that all of my takes are completely and incontrovertibly correct

Postscript: Joke's on me, I didn't even realize Conan had retired his hour-long show last October. Which is fine, a good thing if he's able to adapt to the shifting media landscape.

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